Chuck Norris!!


Sue chuck sue. 

Chuck is probably the #2 topic of conversation on Army porta potties overseas…

But Chuck doesn’t think it’s funny apparently-

I just posted that link.

LOL @ me then

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=P Don’t worry we’re all still learning how to read links. Infact there was a class on how to in high school and I failed it. Come to think of it so did 90% of the class.

Tis not that hard- I just didn’t see your post.

Don’t assume everyone else you haven’t met are as silly as everyone else you have met.  :wink:

That’s a toughy since most of the world is sillier then I am.


You arent similar to me!!! muahahahahaa

ok, I lied maybe I am :frowning:

I fail -_-

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Everyone lies. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.