Chromecast Connection not working.

I can’t connect my iPhone to my Chromecast despite the app saying that it’s “Flinging to Chromecast”.  It just hangs there forever!!  

So can you use the Sandisk app to cast a film on the stick to a TV via Chromecast?


If you can provide a little more info it may help if tracking down what may be causing your issue. 

What is the format of the video? 

Does the video play normally in the connect drive app?

What is the iOS version of the iphone you are using?

What type of wifi router are the iOS device connect and chromecast connected to? Make and model?

How far away from the router is the connect drive when you are trying to fling to chromecast?

Thank you for your reply.  After a bit of research and messing around I’ve discovered that Chromecast will only cast MP4 video files.

The video file I was trying to cast was an MKV file.

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