Christmas Station?

In the Yahoo Music Jukebox, Christmas stations are now available. I’ve refreshed the Launchcast stations on the sansa, but cannot find the xmas stations.

any ideas?

No, I have the same issue, as do others. I sent a message to Y! Customer Care. I will post response when received.

I want a Christmas station too, but can’t figure how to put it to my Connect. Have few more days before Christmas.

From Y! Customer Care this A.M.

"Thank you for writing Yahoo! Music about Holiday music not showing up on
the Sansa Connect.

The music team and engineers are aware of this issue and are working to
resolve it as quickly as possible.

Although we can not offer an exact time frame in which this will be
taken care of, please be assured we’re currently looking at the problem
and hope to have it resolved as quickly as possible."

Thank you for posting.

I just refreshed the stations on my Sansa Connect Internet Radio and I have “Happy Holidays” under “Themes”!!!  Yahoo really does listen to us!  Not that I’m big on Holiday music… I just like to know that these corps care. 


Thank you for checking. I will go get my Connect and play the holiday music.

Merry Christmas!


Same here.  The list of 15 stations is here:

  1. Traditional Christmas
  2. Pop Holiday
  3. Rock Holiday
  4. Urban Holiday
  5. Country Holiday
  6. Gospel Holiday
  7. Christian Holiday
  8. Christmas Classical
  9. Jazz Holiday
  10. Kidz Holiday
  11. Latin Holiday
  12. Comedy Christmas
  13. Holiday Lounge
  14. Scrooge Tunes
  15. Pet Sounds

They added more stations.

I just checked my Sansa Connect and I don’t see any more stations than the 15 mentioned above.  Yahoo! Music Jukebox also shows the same 15 Holiday Stations. 

Are you referring to more stations in other categories?


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You should go to Connect’s option then click on Refresh All ( Make sure you have a Wifi connection). You should get a Holiday station plus more added new stations.