Choppy music playback from microsd card

After many trouble-free months I now cannot play lossless files (flac mostly, but also some problems with wav) from the microsd card, because the playback is choppy, jumpy, jittery, call it what you will.

Slow passages of music seem ok, but fast or complex peices suffer very badly.

don’t have any problem when playing same files from the on-board storage.

Any suggestions?

Reformat the SD card and then copy the music back.  

I have tried formating both the internal memory and the sd card using Windows and using Panasonic SDFormatter. Neither worked. I have also tried resetting to factory settings. Again, made no diference.

Have just swapped the sd card for a different brand (took the samsung card from my phone) and that seems to have done the trick.

Happier now, but would still like to know why the sandisk card failed after many months of trouble free use.

I don’t know if there is a warranty on Sandisk cards. It might be worth your while to find out.

And do check that you formatted to FAT32–but you probably did already.