Choppy Music Due to Headphone Jack

Hey all.  How far in should you be able to set your earbuds/headphone jack in the Clip?  The reason I am asking is because my son reported choppy music and it appears that the jack to the earbuds that came with the Clip is not snug into the jack receiver.  We tried other pairs of earbuds plus a nice pair of JBL headphones that I have.  Any suggestions? 

Happens to other people too :wink: Push the jack in all the way, it should be flush with the player body.

The headphone jack on the Clip is initially very tight, and a bit of force is required to insert the plug all the way. if the sound is choppy, the plug probably isn’t fully inserted.

Thanks to both of you for your replies.  It is much appreciated. :smiley:  We were afraid of applying too much force and breaking the jack receiver.  As soon as I showed my son what your wrote he applied more pressure and it worked.  Thanks again.

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