Choose specific point

I listen to spoken word files, and would like to get to a certain part of it rather than having to start listening from the beginning. Is there a way to choose a specific point (i.e., 4 minutes and 35 seconds)? Thanks

If you change the Genre to Audiobooks I think you can put a bookmark in.

Use a tag editor like mp3tag or, for Apple, Kid3. Search these forums for mp3tag or Kid3.

A “bookmark” saves your place if you’re listening to an audiobook, stop and want to got back to that same place later.

If what you are asking is if there is a way to automatically go to a spot in a file and start listening, then in this case you would have to press and hold the FF button until you reach the point at which you want to start playing the file. Unfortunately, on longer files (such as audiobooks tend to be) the counter really isn’t that accurate.

It’s not an audiobook as just a voice mp3 file. I would’ve hoped that there would be a way to get to the point other than fast-forwarding.

An audiobook file is just an mp3 (or wma) file with Audiobooks in the Genre tag. So if you want bookmarking, make the Genre Audiobooks and find it under Music/Audiobooks on the Sansa.

Here’s mp3tag.

Download the file that’s named  mp3tag(versionnumber)setup.exe, not the green DOWNLOAD buttons.

Just how does fast-forwarding work on the Fuze anyway or reversing for that matter? Anytime I push to the right (or left) on the disk the next file plays. :neutral_face:

…and thanks for the help.