Choose a certain song in "Play-All"-mode?


I bought my Sansa Clip some days before and i’m not very familiar with it, yet.

Primarily i would like to know if it’s possible to select the “Play All”-mode but to choose in this mode a certain song.

For example I want to begin with a certain Song of the Beatles and after if it i want that the player continue also with songs of other Artists.(in shuffle mode)

My version: 2.01.13F

Thank you for any answers.



Message Edited by Yavo on 01-10-2009 10:19 AM

Select Shuffle mode from Music options.

Navigate to “Songs”.

Select the song you want to start with.

The player will start with the song and continue to play all the songs in a shuffled mannner.

Thank you.

I think i was a little bit stupid that i didn’t find that out by myself.

Nevertheless it’s not really practical to search in 8gb of music for one song.

It would be better if you could search the same way as in the “Artist-Mode”.


Thank you for your answer.