Check your local Stores

I was in my local box store, its a smaller chain thats only found in Ohio and Michigan, to pick up a Micro SD card reader, so I could use my Mac to add files to one of my Micro Cards that will live in my phone. Did some looking while I was there and noticed the price on Cards is coming down (a 1 gig was around $10). So I started to look for another MicroSD card (why not replace the one in my phone with a new bigger card), and while I chose a competitor (It was on Clearance as the chain scales back their selection (6 brands to the Big 3) 8 gig for $12) but after I found that I kept looking and discovered that in the glass enclosure which houses players they had the Clip+, Fuze, and View, when I looked in the Clearance section for players, I found a big selection of Clips, Starting at $29.99 for a 2 gig, and adding $10 for each size you go up. I almost grabbed one just because of the price. I guess what I am saying those of you looking to replace an old player or add another to your arsenal, check your local stores (especially the big box type) you may just find yourself a pretty great deal

I saw some clips on clearance too.  Now I’m wishing I had got one, I left my Fuze at work yesterday (first time in months and months) and really needed it because of the neighbors noise when I wanted to go to sleep early.  ugh.  I was thinking of looking again.

I think I saw the cards but I’ve usually bought them on line.  However, at the big box retail everywhere store, I did notice they had the 8gb micro cards, it was by the phone accessories.  I kept looking by the camera accessories where they have a ton of different size cards.  They were $30, but they had them.  And some stores may have them on sale or you might get a discount card… So that’s where they were.