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I was going to recommend Amazon resellers as well. I’ve used them several times.


The deal above isn’t from Amazon. Its from Digital Media Source, one of Amazon’s associated resellers. When buying from resellers, check the feedback. You’ll want to see at least 95% positive feedback. In this case, its 95% - probably OK, but I’d check and see what the complaints are.


Resellers also often tack on some hefty shipping. This is $6 shipping…for someting the size of a fingernail!


Still, its a great price! Usually 8GB microSDHCs sell for around $60.

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Good point, it’s a reseller.

I bought my 8GB MicroSDHC card from Digital Media Source and I recommend them.  Great price, the card works fine and the service was great (they shipped it the very next day and I got it within a week, even before the estimated delivery date).  

i ordered a card from Digital Media on Sunday and received it on Wednesday, put it in my e280 and it seems to work fine

If you want a fast card, Newegg currently has several 4GB Class 6 cards for under $20.  I haven’t seen any 8GB Class 6 cards yet.

Just make sure its a SanDisk card so my SNDK stock goes up!

They’re $36 something now, but that’s still a heck of a deal it seems like to me.  I think if it was a class 6 instead of a class 4 I’d go ahead and order even though I have a 4 gb that’s suiting my needs at the moment.  I guess I’ll hold off for now. 

if you would of got the 8gb fuze you would of got a free sd card.

the free card is too tiny to bother with…

What is the capacity of the free sessions microSD card? I doubt it would be 8GB. I can’t imagine sandisk giving away 8gig MicroSD cards.

I wanna say its 586 mb. I looked a while ago. the sandisk people are so stingy!

The promotional MicroSD card is just that: a promotional freebie, a kind of thank you gift.  The music on it is supposed to be the real point, isn’t it?  It’s a cool way to try out the expansion capability of the Fuze.

Bob  :smiley: 

The free card is 512MB.  4gb microSDHC cards between $16 and $20 right now, with free ship.  Use Google Checkout by 6-30-08 and get $10 off that.  Nice.  :slight_smile:

Amazon has 8GB cards for $35.00 plus shipping and handling (7.00).  Yes the S&H is excessive, but 8GB for under 45 bucks?  Why settle for 4?  8GB Fuze plus 8GB card = 16GB of music goodness.  Almost 4000 tracks.  Yeah baby.  Can’t wait until the 16 GB or 32 GB cards come out.

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When getting a “cheap” card, make sure you look for “Class 6” in the specs.  Many will be Class 4 (kinda slow) or worse, Class 2 (agonizingly slow).  As far as I know 8GB Class 6 cards are not available yet, so if you must have 8GB make sure it’s at least Class 4.  Best bang for the buck is currently 4GB Class 6, which can be had for under $20 (at Newegg for example).

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I like the 8GB card I have, it is class 4.  I opted for the additional storage, because my 8GB card content remains static.  I don’t sync to it.  I load it once with my favorites and forget it.

I actively sync using intenal memory.  I use 2GB for Rhapsody Channels, and Actively Refresh the other 6GB with Winamp.  The 8 GB card holds all my 80’s music (2GB) and 6GB of my favorite albums (a mix of genres and artists).

For me the 8GB card was the way to go, since I only have to load it once.  (Took about 40 minutes in Drag and Drop MSC mode)

the cheapest sdmicro cards are here

i personaly thought the promo card with the purchase of my fuze was a 1 gb but they gave me 2 516 cards with music i don’t listen to, but i just deleted it.   cheap 2 gb micro card i don’t kno how long this will be their for 5.99

Talk about brain damage!  Navigating around woot answers quite a few questions.

Bizarre stuff ideed.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

what happen i had no problem buying it.

i aslo found a coupon code for no shipping also.

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I have found a great place that has many coupon for sandisk, don’t know if it works or not