Charging the Clip

It had juice in it begin with, but it just was not full.  When you plugged it in, you were filling it up.

It had juice in it to begin with, but it just was not full.  When you plugged it in, you were filling it up.

@sansafix wrote:
The screen turns off while charging on AC adapter. Its normal. Press the center button to wake it up and view the charge level.

FIRST, a question:

I have a mini-usb (that would fit on the Clip’s usb port) AC adaptor for my cell phone. Will that work? I just don’t want the power outlet to be too strong for the Clip and melt it or explode it. :dizzy_face:

NOW, a comment:

About the charging screen. It describes what it looks like in the manual so it shouldn’t be too confusing. But I feel the graphic of a computer and the device with rotating arrows in between is pretty classic for trying to establish an active sync. So it seems misleading. What I first thought when seeing this graphic was that it couldn’t charge because it’s trying to sync. But even after re-reading the manual and knowing that it is correct, it seems counter intuitive.

Is it possible to just have a charge level gauge like most electronics?



and like this when done:



Anyway, reading through this forum, I am impressed with the support Sansa is putting into their products. Looks like you guys really listen to your users. That is really rare! Thanks.

EDIT: I’m editing this message to say that as I watch the Clip charge, I realize that the little animating battery does actually indicate how much charging is left. It’s just subtle to tell at first.  So I guess nevermind about the above statement about charging. :manvery-happy:

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to charge my sansa clip, I plug it into the USB port and after I hold the power button a couple of seconds then it turns off.

I just let plug that way and after many hours the battery is fully charge.

good luck