Charging rate for CLIP

I have a new 2GB CLIP MP3 player and want to buy a mains charging adapter.  The CLIP uses I believe a lithium battery thogh whether it is Lipo or Li-ion I know not.  If it is Lipo then charging rate is critically important for safety as overchargeing can even cause explosion.   I see 500mAh and 1000mAh charging rate adapters on sale.  Does anyone know the capacity in mAh of the CLIP battery and just which type of lithium battery it uses?  Armed with that information I can determine the safe charging rate if the lipo is being used.

I would say if it’s safe to charge the Clip from computers USB, than the Clip itself has some kind of circuit to controle the charging. USB gives you 5 volts so any charger with mini USB connector and 5 volts/500 mAmps would be OK.

A larger amperage is not harmful–the Clip will draw only the amperage it needs.  (As distinct from voltage, which should be 5 volt.)  And so if you can get a 1000 mA charger, all the better fror using it with other higher-drawing electronics as well.