charging my clip with a book already on it

Hello audiobook lovers. So far I haven’t had problems getting the books on the clip, but if I have to recharge before I’m done listening, the book plays the whole time it’s plugged in and besides losing my place, it seems to defeat the purpose of charging it. Also, can a book be added if one is already on it? Thanks for anyone’s help

Just pause the player while charging. I am too sometimes confused that there is no “stop” button. You have to get accustomed to pause.
Sure you can store multiple books simultaneously on the Clip. I think as many as you will fit :slight_smile:

I currently have nine books on my Clip totaling a shade more than 75 hours of listening pleasure…

Hi, I am having the same problem!!  I can’t see that the book is playing during the charge.  I see only the “Connected” screen with the animated arrows.  Before connecting the Clip, the book was paused.  But each time I take it back off, I find that I have lost my place in the book!!

OK, I think I see what you mean.  I have been connecting the player while it was powered down.  What I think you are doing is to connect it while it is powered up and paused, yes?