Charging issue


I’ve had my 2GB Clip+ for almost a year with no major problems until recently. I always charge the Clip+ on my computer just because there is no official charger for Sandisk and I don’t want to risk getting the wrong one that might destroy it because of voltage issues, etc.

On my iMac, I plug in the Clip+ and let it charge. The screen on the Clip+ goes blank to indicate full charge while still connected to my computer, then I eject the Clip+, the media refresh screen appears and finally the home screen shows a full charge.

Only now, after I eject the Clip+ from my Mac, it shows about an 1/8 missing from the charge indicator in the home screen following the media refresh, so it is not showing a full charge anymore. Can anybody help?

You might try completely discharging it and recharging to re-calibrate the charge indicator.

Do note that an ordinary USB AC wall adapter/charger works just fine with the Clip–but I understand the hesitancy with the quality of the many of them out there. 

Thanks, it is indicating a full charge now.

I also got a Griffin brand charger that works and has not fried my Clip+.