Charging Issue

I attempted to charge my Sansa Clip on a PC that had Windows 7 on it, and the computer did not recognize my device, defeated, I disconnected and unplugged the device. But when I disconnected it, it attempted to refresh my media, got about halfway through and then the battery died. Now the device is powerless, and when plugged in it won’t hold a charge. It says connected but the computer won’t recognize it and the charge indicator is not moving. HELP!

Much appreciated, Payton.

EDIT: I managed to get the Clip to manually go MSC, it refreshed the media, but still won’t charge. And since the battery is still dead I can’t use the 15 second power switch method to reset. Any advice?

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Can you charge it from a wall socket, using a wall USB adapter? 

EDIT: I used my MotoQ’s phone charger, it refreshed my media, and the battery charge sequence filled once, and then the Clip reset, and promptly began charging, problem solved. Thank you! :slight_smile:
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Great to hear that you’re up and running again!   :slight_smile: