I bought a car and wall charger for my clip, but the clip gets really warm with both.  Could someone please recommend what to get, I really don’t want to fry my clip.  Thanks!

Batteries get warm, even hot, when you charge them.  It shouldn’t be a problem.  The charging circuit in the Clip should take care of it.

There are many posts on this–you may want to do a search using the search box above left.

Basically, a charger with a mini-B USB plug to fit the Clip should be fine.  It should have a 5V power output (more will fry the Clip); amperage should not be an issue as the Clip will take what it needs (amperage at or a bit below 500 mAmp. would be enough; higher is fine).  Macally and DLO, among others, make chargers that will work; Wal-Mart also sells a variety of chargers that are fine, as reported in posts here.  There also are scads of no-name chargers out there which should work (available on eBay, at, etc.), although there may be greater quality control issues with no-names. 

Many car cellphone and GPS chargers work just fine as well.

Thanks for the tip about voltage.  Buying a generic charger saves a ton of money but makes me nervous (I too fear frying my clip).  Knowing output recommendations makes me more confident to purchase a basic charger rather than the Sansa Store version.  Glad I’m not the only one worried by this.

Thanks again.

I got mine over Amazon–the wall charger output is 4.5-9.5V max 600mA and the car output is 4.8V-10V max 800mA.  So these would too high?  Let me know if I’m understanding you correctly. 

It sounds to me like the charger has variable voltage output.  Is there a switch there to set voltage, and can it be set to 5V?  The amperage is just fine.

No, there is not a switch.  I need to go to WalMart tomorrow anyway and I’ll just pick up a different charger.  Thanks for the help.

I got an Ipod usb to wall charger on clearance and it works great, just wish I had got 2.