Charger compatibility

There’s this charger converter at future shop that plugs in to the wall and the other end is a usb cable so you can charge it with an outlet. Except, its made by apple. do you think it will still work on the e200?

You need a charger with a USB receptacle that the Sansa cable’s USB plug end will fit into. Having a charger that has a cord with a male USB plug at the end of it will do no good. How would you plug it into your Sansa?

sorry, i worded my question wrong, the adaptor is female.

What is the charger’s output rating in volts and amps? It’s very likely 5V (the USB standard), but the amperage of chargers varies widely. Anything 500mA (0.5A, also the USB standard) or higher will be fine, with higher or lower ratings decreasing or increasing charging time accordingly.

the charger output is whatever an ipod’s charger output is.

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