Charge on the fuze

Do I need to charge the fuze every night? I charge it at night. When I use it the next day, it seems as if it doesn’t hold the charge, and it’s already 42% left. Anyone else have this problem?

Mine did that for the first dozen or so charge cycles.  Now the charge is lasting 20+ hrs.

Don’t charge it so often. Run the battery down to 20% or so before charging it. Do this for at least two cycles. It will probably get the battery to perform better, and recalibrate the charge indicator. At least once a month you should let the battery get down to around 20% before recharging it. I don’t use the equilizer, have the backlight brightness set to minimum, and have the display time set low for maximum battery life. How many hours a day do you use your player? You shouldn’t need to charge the Fuze every day.

Message Edited by JK98 on 08-26-2009 08:29 PM