Chargable by computer now but lost music

I changed it’s format so it will charge on the computer, which was a suceess, but I still prefer charging it on the AC adapte., I switched it from the AC to comp then back. I unplugged it to use it and now all the music is gone even though the memory still indicates it’s there. Over 400 hundreds songs…and now even if the computer is charging it, Windows Media Player won’t pick up on it. Is there anyway to recover music? Cause otherwise I have no music on my comp. Thanks for any advice

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Could it be this:  when connected to your computer in USB MSC mode, your computer only see the files transferred to the Clip in MSC mode; same as to MTP mode.  Could that explain why your computer can only “see” part of your music?  Switch to the other mode (under the Clip’s Settings/USB) and see if the other part of your music can then be seen.

An unfortunate complication, and why I keep my Clip set to MSC mode (so that I can see all my files all the time).

No, the music from my MP3 is gone, on computer or not. I tried all formats, nothing

And so none of your music shows up to play on your Clip, when your Clip is disconnected from the computer?

Well no, it doesn’t even show up and says no music or whatever. Now I’m uploading music but I’m limited. I liked my old 400 songs on it and appearantly the AC to comp transfer didn’t work and erased music

Sorry, I’m just not following you:  what do you mean by “AC to comp transfer”?  And what says “no music or whatever”?  Do you mean that when you disconnect your Clip from the computer, no music shows up under the Music selection, under artists, albums, etc.?

From the wall charger. I tried that and it worked. I changed the format like you said too, and the computer even picked it up to start charge. However, when I plugged it back into the wall and then unplugged it to use the MP3, the music was all gone. Under artist albums, etc.

Wow–that’s just odd.  It almost sounds like the Clip got reformatted (an option under the Settings):  great to clear up issues, but it erases the music on the Clip.  Hopefully, what you had was a 1-time occurrence.

-.- well it doesn’t help that it did…I have no music on the comp since my dad wiped the memory. And if formatting wipes the music away, how come the few songs I snagged from a friend stayed on it after refomatting? Cause I reformatted hoping they’d come back. Hm…that’s just messed up

As I said, very odd–never heard of something like this happening before. 

The only other thing I can think of is a soft reset, to see if that helps (although I think it unlikely it will)–on switch held in the uppermost position for 15-20 seconds.

If you haven’t tried to upload any new material you could try one of the many flash memory recovery utilities that can be downloaded.  One came free with my Sandisk Extreme III memory card, but there are a lot to choose from - some free, some shareware (Google is your friend!). One such very highly regarded item is PhotoRescue - you can download a trial from here…

…and if it looks like it will do the job you can register it to recover your data. Although designed for photographic flash media, I have found it works perfectly well on USB flash drives so I am pretty sure it should work quite happily in MSC mode - no idea if MTP mode will make a difference.

That sounds nice…but it’s too late, I already put what few songs I have back on it cause I wasn’t going to go through school with a working music less MP3. I may try it anyways just because or atleast keep it for future references