Changing a vault name after set up

Is there a way to rename an existing vault after set up? I didn’t know I could name my vault(s) when I did the install and set up. I want to customize the name other than the generic “My Vault” LOL.  I went into the My Vaults folder and changed the name but My Vault is the only name that appears in the drop down menu. Then if I click ass a vault with the name I want it says it already exists. Sorry if this is a basic question or asked before.

hmmm An interesting question.

What if you manually rename the file back to it’s original name then starting SecureAccess and try renaming it from there.

Let us know if that works.

Hey Ed,


                               In a way I did that. I should have been more specific too. I’m using the the Cruzer Glides and Cruzer Switch’s of variying sizes. 4 to 32 GBs. I couldn’t do any renaming from SecureAccess. From My Computer I clicked on Removable Disk (E): From there in to the My Vaults folder. Two of the four Cruzer’s I changed worked (stayed renamed)-Two didn’t. I had to leave the My Vaults folder open and close all Sandisk things in the system tray for the rename to work.

          I would have thought a renaming of folders would be included as content on drives surely changes. But in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal! I’m the only one that uses mine so my O.C.D. does tend to take over some times!

 As a work around on my 4GB ones I’ve been thinking I “might” empty them to my hard drive-start over-pick a name I want and load’er back up!! This in mind I’m glad I’m happy with the name on my 32GB Cruzer!!!