Certain Firmware

Does anybody know the last firmware update released that did not feature “wrap-around scrolling”. If someone could provide a link on where to download this that would be great. Thanks so much

You don’t want wrap-around scrolling?! :dizzy_face:  That makes searching through lists so much easier and faster.

You didn’t post which firmware version you have.  These are for version 1.

firmware 01.01.11  this one was before wrap-around scrolling was added.

Ya i actually hate wrap around scrolling…

i have firmware version 1.01.11A

im wondering if someone can link me to to the last firmware update before wrap around scrolling was introduced

should be a few more after 1.01.11A should it not?


Wrap-around scrolling was added in the very next update from the one you have, 01.01.15. So it’s been around for some time & you have the latest firmware without this feature.

Of course, a lot of other improvements were made also, so by refusing to embrace this feature, you are denying yourself the benifits of the other enhancments & bug fixes too.