Centering on Monitor

How can I center San Disk on my monitor. The San Disk program seems to be sitting low or to the bottom of my screen. Some of the buttons to click on are just partially appearing on my screen and I can’t read what is written on the button because it is off the screen to the bottom

1.) This post is off-topic for this board.

2.) What SanDisk program are you running?

3.) Is your screen resolution set properly?

Thanks for answering. I’m using 4GB microSDHC card for mobile phones. My computer system is vista 32bit.  Where should I have posted this question? I’m new here so I don’t really know. What should I set my screen  resolution at. That sounds to me that it could be the problem. There are no instructions or anything that said I need to use a particular setting. Thanks in advance

are you suing the sandisk media manager software? if so the minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768. here is the board for sandisk media manager related questions.