Cellphones won't read converted music from MicroSD card

I recently got a 16gb MicroSD card, but when I try to play music I’ve converted from MP3 to WMA on my cell and my dad’s cell it won’t read that theres music on there. However other songs that I haven’t converted to WMA format the cellphones will play. 

Now, when I converted the music, I only put on the artist, album, and song name in the properties of the songs. I didn’t put a number, or specifiy encoding on the songs.

Thanks in advance. 

What are you converting with?

And why are you converting?

Converting .mp3 to .wma is going to lessen your sound quality. .mp3 is already compressed–information has been thrown out to make the file smailer, and .wma does another compression. Also, .wma files won’t play in everything. The fact that your phone doesn’t see them suggests that it doesn’t play them.

The Fuze plays .mp3, and obviously your phone does. Do you know if your phone plays .wma? Iphones don’t play .wma . It’s Apple vs. Windows  .WMA is Windows Media Audio.

If you are converting with Windows Media Player, look at your Rip settings and make sure you are NOT converting to PROTECTED .wma, which won’t always play. Make sure they are unprotected .wma–or, better yet, .mp3.

I used Foxtab music converter to convert. And I converted becasue I needed more space on my computer and having over twenty gigs of music is not good.

The phone does play WMA files. I put some music that I had directly ripped from a CD on the card and it played fine.  I’ll see if changing them back to MP3 will fix the problem.

Thanks for the help!

ffmpeg, the guts of Foxtab, is widely used, but it’s hard to say whether Foxtab doesn’t add some eccentricities.

Better to do one conversion than two, though. It’s like taking a grainy picture of a grainy picture. Go direct from the CD to whatever bitrate or format you want to use.

Media Coder www.mediacoderhq.com is another good converter. Watch out for adware when installing.