CD to become extinct ?

What do you think ?

Are Memory Cards going to take over from the CDs ?

No moving parts, no scratches.

i think its pretty nifty, and makes a transitional sense. I can also understand why all the CD fanboys would be upset though. My vote goes to albums on SD+ cards. Both for sd and usb slots.

It would be nice but the only problem here is cost for the manufacturer. A cd costs a fraction of a cent to make. An SD card costs a bit more than that to put out. I have seen some artists put out music on flash drives but they tend to be over priced. You also have to be careful because if the music they sell to you on the flash memory is in Mp3 format your losing out on audio quality. I’m a stickler when it comes to audio so I can definately tell a difference between cd and mp3. At least if I have the cd I have the high quality version and then I can always rip it into mp3 for my sansa.


I think I sometimes tell the difference between cd vs. mp3.  When you rip your cds, do you leave the default “Format” settings to wma (Windows Media Audio), wma pro, mp3, or other?  Do you adjust your quality to “Fullest”.

If you were not worried about space, would it make a difference to you which you chose?

As noted, memory costs too much to manufacture.  Same reason all the new game consoles use discs instead of cartridges.

I do occasionally see SD cards pre-loaded with music at Circuit City or whatever, but it’s pretty rare…

Nah I think they’ll just make smaller and smaller CDs. Oh and Auto it can’t be that expensive. The Nintendo DS still uses cartridges. Also I hate it when technology gets small. You can lose some of it just by dropping it.

Well- you can do the research then, but CDs literally cost PENNIES to manufacture.  SD cards cost $15 for a reason- they cost more like $3-5 bucks each to build.

The only reason Music CDs cost so much in stores is because of the greedy record companies.

Have you noticed that cassette tapes are still cheaper to buy than CDs??  BUT they cost 3x as much to actually manufacture!  Plus the sound isn’t as good, so why are CDs still more expensive???

Supply and demand, plus the record company gets away with it.

Oh and look at the DS vs. the PSP.

Which one is cheaper to buy?

Building an optical drive into a tiny unit is not cheap.

Nintendo sticks with cartridges for the Gameboys because even though the cartridges cost more to make than discs, they can sell the gameboy cheaper, so more people will buy more gameboys, so then more people buy cartridges, so they still make money.  And Nintendo actually builds many of the cartridges- the game companies let Nintendo build/distribute the games then they collect their check from Nintendo.

Discs seriously are a million times cheaper though…

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Yeah yeah and since when do you matter?

Well, at least my MOM cares!!



no that wont happen for a while at least

I do think we are approaching the end of the CD era.  Soon everything will be digital.  You will buy all of your music and movies online.  It is the next logical step.

Optical media is dieing and it’s about time.

CDs ARE digital. It’s just plastic being read by a laser instead of metal-on-glass being read by a magnetic head…   :slight_smile:

yup, but i dont think vinyls will become extinct… yet…

Might as well throw 35mm film in there too then… 

I think CD’s might become less and less but never really going completely away for some time yet.   Too many cd players out there.  Heck, they make cassett adapters for the MP3 players for those who don’t even have a CD player in their car!  Its also like VHS… sure its less and less and less, but its still out there. 

I will be so old bye then that I wont be able to hear music:cry:    However, It still seems to my ears that the cds sound far better then most mp3?
at least through my jeep stereo anyway!  So, Who knows?   I remember mini disc started with a bang and fizzled like a sparkler and that was a nice format!
holy ■■■■ its alot of snow here----:stuck_out_tongue::robottongue:

If flash memory ever chatches up to optical(CD/DVD) it might become the primary means of disribution of files.

Right now CDs are so much cheeper than flash. It makes more sence to use the cheeper memory for small stuff and than collect it on flash or HDD.

If the last hundred years have taught us anything, it’s that technology doesn’t really die - it just gets new marketing hype.  Many albums are still produced on vinyl, and cassette players and recorders are still very easy to find.

Flash memory isn’t going to be as cheap as CDs anytime soon, at least not at an acceptable quality level.  It’s still far more complex and it’s produced in far lower volume.  There’s a reason CDs haven’t changed in 20+ years, and that’s because they’re incredibly easy and cheap to produce and they carry immense market inertia.  Also, flash memory devices tend to be DRM encumbered, and there has yet to be an effective CD DRM scheme set up (in fact, the only thing they’ve accomplished is installing rootkits and making CDs less resistant to scratches by screwing with the ECC layers.)

Also, just wanted to point out that you don’t HAVE to get things distributed in the MP3 format.  Even if you do, at 300+ kbps, almost all users report transparency (can’t tell any difference between source and encoded audio.)  Then there are lossless formats, like FLAC.  Even WMA has a lossless variant now (it ■■■■■, but it works.)  FLAC is quickly becoming something of a standard for lossless audio, and device support is growing.

Oh, and modern CD sound ■■■■■ anyway, but not through any shortcoming of the format.  It’s been years since I saw a new CD whose audio quality wasn’t “engineered” head-first into the ground in favor of loudness and dynamic range compression.  Occasionally I even pick up on background noise when different samples cut in and out on a number of newer CDs because the engineer wasn’t paying attention.