Cause of totally dead clip+

I thought I would post these pictures to help others avoid what happened to my clip+.  I run with my clip a lot, and so it gets wet, there is a foam strip covering the main IC that traps some moisture against the connecting leads and allows them to rust.  so try to keep it dry, or if you are more handy/brave, try taking the cover off and then removing a little bit of this foam to allow the leads to dry out (or maybe even epoxy over the leads to keep them dry).

open view of sansa clip +

closeup of rusted leads

Thanks for the pics and detective work.  Another case where a potentially small design change could have prevented an issue . . . .     :frowning:

oh yeah, I wouldn’t even call this a design fault.  I really treated it badly, and it lasted eight months anyway.  every time I went running (every other day or so), it came back covered in sweat.

I’m shopping for the newer version right now!

Before buying the “newer version” (presumably the Sport or Jam), please read up on their limitations–they are not so much newer versions as “left-turn” versions.

Note that the Clip+ still can be found, including currently in the Outlet section of the online SanDisk Store here.