Categorized File View is nice but Folder View is also essential

I just downloaded the App…it looks great: Fast. Easy. Straightforward.

However, when I am managing 25GB+ with 5,000+ files, especially with documents, I get completely lost without the “folder view”.

I read your FAQs (see below) and I understand the rationale to differentiate Sandisk Memory Zone from other services. But, if you gave the user a choice of  “folder view”, it wouldn’t diminish your diefferentiation.

I wish you would seriously consider this option.

Thank you for a great App!

Why does the Memory Zone app use a lot of memory and CPU resources when it first starts?

-          Because we wanted to differentiate Memory Zone from other file/folder based browsers, we implemented categorized file views (i.e., Music, Photos, Videos, Documents, and Apps). In order to achieve this, a database/index needs to be created. The creation of this database/index is what requires a lot of CPU usage and memory.

-       There are plans to do more optimization, but there is no way to get around the need for significant handset and network resource allocations for local database creation, access, scanning, and transaction from the cloud services.

-       An app that presents the file/folder hierarchy type of browsing, does not require to build a database index.