Case for Fuze that also holds microSD cards?

Does anyone know of a case for the Fuze that also has some pockets to hold some microSD cards?  If I am the first to think of this I wave my right to profit from this idea if someone would at least make one for the Fuze.

I haven’t saw one.  That would be nice.

I did see some cellphone little purses that had credit card slots.  I wonder if something like that would work.  Not a purse for the men, but a cell phone holder that has cc slots in it.  You’d have to put the cards in their little cases (Mine all came in a little clear case) or make the pockets different… but that might work. 

How about a cell phone with a zipper wallet in the back? Amazon has a few.

Or maybe if you can find a micro card pocket case that’s small enough and attach it to something like a cell phone holder.  Here’s something from Amazon like that. Holds 4 cards.

You could probably find these anywhere, but these links may give you some ideas.

I haven’t seen one for the fuze either.   The only cases I’ve seen that holds a player and have slots for cards are from case logic.