Case back sticky

I have an older Fuse. The rubber back of the case has gotten sticky like maybe the rubber is deteriorating. Is there a method to remove the sticky or can the rubber be replaced?

I’m having the same issue with mine, about to toss it, but can’t find one as good. Have you found anything to work?

I recently dug my Sansa Fuze out of storage to begin using again (saves cellular data, of course) and found the case back and sides to be very sticky. I tried a few things, none of which worked to remove the sticky feel.

I ended up measuring out some cellophane wrap (like Saran wrap, etc) and cut it to size, then trimmed it the best I could. It stuck very well to the sticky case rubber! I then trimmed it and though it’s a touch ragged around the edges now, with me putting it in and out of my pockets, it’s not even come off at all. It is working for me, and I’ll simply replace the plastic wrap when I feel it’s time.

I hope this helps!

Techie cleaned mine today with alcohol, said if it got inside it wouldn’t hurt the player.

There are several silicone and hard cases available on eBay or Amazon - I bought a silicone one a while back and it works fine