card reader says there are NO FILES on my 1 GB card

New 1 GB card for my older Nikon coolpix 800 camera.  Camera accepted the card with no problem, no warning about format problems.  Took a bunch of photos.  I can see them in the camera.

When I put the card in the Dynex card reader,  the device is recognized but it says there are no files on the card.  This is also a new card reader, just bought yesterday.

I tested the card reader with an old 8 mb card and it got  those files with no problem.

I don’t want to lose the photos on the card.  What is the problem?  How to fix it?

if the camera see the files then try connecting the camera to the computer via the usb cable that came with it. you can use the camera as a reader and probably get the files back. after that i would format the card to to be safe.