car stereo not seeing fuze

i just bought a fuze from worked great for a few weeks now my alpine car stereo wont play it!! i pluged in my wifes fuze and it works fine. any one have any ideas?

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and try both MSC and MTP. Or see what your wife’s Fuze is set to, and use that settings.

The Fuze sees all the music on the unit. But a computer, and probably a car stereo, can only see music in one mode at a time. Music sent over in MTP won’t be visible in MSC mode, and vice versa.

If yours was on a different setting than your wife’s, your music will be read in a different place and may not show up on the car stereo. You may have to take the music off, reset it to match your wife’s, and send the music over again in that setting.