Car player can't save last location when using new Sandisk disk on keys

For quite a few years now, I have been using two 8 GB Sandisk disk on keys to listen to music in the built-in player in our Kia Forte.

I recently purchased a 32 GB Sandisk key. While the car player can play the .mp3 files on the disk on key without any trouble, it seems to be incapable of remembering the location on the key. After you turn off the car and restart it, it always goes back to the first file on the disk on key.

(Even if you had the radio on when you turned off the car, it will show the message “reading usb” as soon as you start the car, as if you had just put the key into the player)

I tried this also with a new 16 GB Sandisk, and encountered the same problem.

This has never been a problem with the older 8 GB Sandisk keys.

I thought that maybe the car player was limited to 8 GB maximum capacity, however it does not have problem playing any of the music even if I put on more than 8 GB of files.

I even tried repartitioning the 32 GB key so that only 8 GB were in use, but that still did not solve the “start at first song” issue.

Any ideas what is preventing the last location from being saved with the two new Sandisk disk on keys ?