Car Mount for Clip?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a car mount for a Clip?  The one I have now is too big.  How do you store and/or listen to your Clip when driving?



I do not see one on the SanDisk website.

I would also be interested in one.

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I found this one at eBay and picked it up:

I couldn’t beat the price.


Please let us know what you think of the holder once you have used it.

I sure will.  You guys will be the first to know!


I use mine in the car, and this is how it hangs:

I use an FM transmitter and a 3’ headphone extention which I have looped a couple times around the rearview mirror. (Not an elegant solution but I don’t have a line-in jack and it boosts the signal enough to hit the antenna.) I just clip my Clip to the loops and away we go.

I’m sure there could be a neater way, like one of those little brackets that one uses for CB mikes (just a flat vertical metal tang mounted next to the radio or thereabouts), but my way at least lets me reach up and advance to the next song easily. :slight_smile:

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Hello again,

I got my car mount from eforcity today.  It’s a pretty good item made of black plastic.  It comes with a vent mount and a kind of ratcheting, swivel mount with adhesive to attach to the dashboard.  The clamps (one adjustable, one fixed) and backing are padded and felt-like.

First thing you should know is that your Clip will not fit vertically in the clamps.  Adjusted to its smallest width, the Clip will just slip out.  Horizontally, however, you can fit the Clip in between the clamps pretty perfectly.  Just press the adjustable clip inward a couple of clicks, and the Clip fits snugly.

All in all, not a bad item to have.

Here a few pics of my Clip (recently clad in its silicone case and ScreenPatronus screen protector).  Note, these pics weren’t taken in my car.  I haven’t mounted in there as of yet.