car charger and playing

Hey peeps,

I want to know if the car charger should be able to charge and play music at the same time or do i have to purchase something else for it to do that?

When you say “the car charger” are you referring to a USB car charger?  I have a USB car charger made by Griffin and it works fine.  Let’s you charge and listen at the same time.  Not all USB chargers are the same.  Some will not work with the Sansa Fuze (cannot say about their other models as I only have a Fuze).  The Griffin USB wall charger works fine too.

You must use the Sansa USB cable, so keeping a spare in the car along with the car charger is a good idea.

Thanks for the help Mikeinkaty your post gave me the answer I need.

I checked for another Griffin car charger but could not find it I found one by

Nexxtech but that does not work well with the fuze.

I give up I’ll just bring my usb charger around along with my netbook.

My car charger only charges.  I have to also use my cassette player if I want to hear it too.  [you didn’t specify if you were using both].  It’s just a generic car charger.

Well I have not purchased a car charger as of yet I just wanted to see if it is supposed to do that.