Can't wirelessly connect to wireless stick after reformatting

I was able to connect just fine to my andoid app for the first week or so, but in the process of reformatting the drive on my PC, I think I deleted the xml file in the root directory of the wireless stick that contains the device identifier needed to connect. Although I’m not terribly familiar with the technical details of how the magic happens, I suspect this is why I’m no longer able to wirelessly connect from any of my mobile devices anymore. 

Does anyone know of a way I can restore or regenerate the xml file or any other files needed to successfully connect? Without this, the device is nothing more than a basic flash drive. 

which phone do u use….!!!

What capacity drive do you ahve and what file system did you format the wireless stick in?

there is no xml file needed to conenct wirelessly via the app. 

I have the 64 GB version and I reformatted it to FAT32. 

64GB drives support exFAT. try reformatting the stick with exFAT for the file system. 

So by reformatting it back to the original exFAT format you’re saying it will automatically restore the original file system? I ultimately need it to be in FAT32, so would I then copy the system files back to my local drive, reformat it again to FAT32 and copy-paste them back to the flash drive?

Just tried reformatting back to exFAT, and still no files appear on the flash drive. :frowning:

did you copy data back to the drive after formatting it in exFAT?