Can't use my Clip + with my new Pioneer car deck

I just installed a new Pioneer Premier DEH-P410UB deck in my car so I could take advantage of the iPod/USB capabilities.  When I plug the Clip + in, I get the error message ‘No Audio,’ which means that the unit considers there to be nothing on the MP3 player.  Additionally, the Clip + shows that it is connected and the battery is charging, but none of the buttons and controls work.  It just sits there and charges.  I know that the deck works fine because my friend’s iPod works great through the deck.  Does anyone have a solution?

did you load your files in MTP mode? if so this could be causing the problem. Try formatting the clip+ switching the USB mode to MSC reloading the files and see if the deck can then recognize the files.

as for the buttons not being functional. if the Clip+ detects a data connection it will show connected on the screen and the buttons will not be functional. same as if it were connected to the PC.  

Thanks for the great solution!  Not only did it solve the problem, but it showed that my buying decisions on both counts were correct.  I assumed the Pioneer deck would play the Clip + files but would require all navigating and control to be through the MP3 player.  However, it plays Clip + music files just as it does the iPod files: THROUGH its own controls.  One just plugs in the player, puts it in the glove compartment, and controls it through the deck.  Obviously I HIGHLY recommend both pieces of electronic equipment.  I now will purchase a second Clip + that I’ll just leave in the car.  I noticed that Amazon had them for about $57 recently so I’ll look for a great Black Friday deal and jump in again. :smileyvery-happy: