cant upload & refresh database


I just got a Sansa c200 series and I haven’t been able to upload any music.  I’ve put it on Auto Detect mode and MSC mode.  I go through the process of adding files but when i turn on the device a message “refresh database” shows up, and none of my files appear on the mp3 player.  How do I refresh the device and get the songs to appear on it.

Other question… once it’s on MSC mode, which file do I add the music files to, the ‘tmp’ file or the ‘system file’ or do I simply add the files into the device outside of all the files?

Need Help!!!

the player can self format, you should try that its under settings… then try reloading music… hopefully that will work!

I’ve had problems loading music in MSC mode.
In fact, the same problem you have. I reformatted it.
Then I had a new problem where I could load music, but when I went to media player to remove songs from the player, nothing would show up.

I now only load songs in the MTP mode and it works fine. But I use MSC mode when I want to load movies.