Can't turn off my clip

I turned on my player, navigated to the podcast I wanted to hear but it won’t play and none of the buttons work.  I can’t even turn it off!!!  This is the second time this has happened.  Since I can’t take the battery out, there seems to be no option but to let it sit on the table all day until the battery is exhausted then recharge.  This is getting really annoying - what can I do?


What format is your Podcast?  Be sure they are MP3.

Hold the power button up for 15 seconds and restart.

Go Sansa!

I know the podcasts are ok.  Last time I was able to play the podcast after I got the clip working again.  I tried holding the power button on but I can’t say that it was as long as 15 seconds.  Next time I will try that.  Thanks.