Can't turn down the volume of my Sansa Clip Zip

Hello All,

I have just unwrapped my new Sansa Clip Zip and have the problem of not being able to turn down the volume on the device.

When I press the volume control button to reduce the volume level, nothing happens, the screen doesn’t even bring up the volume level screen.

If I try to increase the volume by pressing the volume control button for increase, then the volume screen pops up and I can indeed increase the volume, but no luck whatsoever on decreasing it.

Is this a likely firmware issue(my firmware is V101.01.12P, or is the volume control simply faulty?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I tried to restore back to factory settings, but I am not sure if this worked or not, as nothing appeared to change after doing so.

The firmware in the player may be corrupted. Download the 01.01.20 firmware and install it on the player. If that doesn’t help, then you have a hardware problem, and you should contact Sandisk to have your player replaced under warranty.

I believe it is a hardware issue. You can try updating (or re-installing) the firmware if you want; it won’t do any harm, but I doubt it’s going to fix the issue. If the UP volume control works, but the DOWN doesn’t, that sounds like a bad rocker switch or connection.

I think you should probably return it for another one, but please let us know what happens. :smiley:

If you can exchange it where you bought it that is best. If not, contact Sandisk and arrange to have it exchanged.

Hi guys,

I have updated the firmware and the volume down still isn’t working.

Now I bought this off a store on Ebay, so am I meant to be going through them or through Sandisk direct?

Thanks in Advance.

Always try the seller first. If they are unable (or unwilling) to help you, you can go through SanDisk provided the unit you bought off eBay was a new and not a refurbished player.

The correspondence I have from the Ebay purchase indicates the product is meant to be a brand new retail product.

This is a terrible solution, but with my old clip I had to lock it then unlock it every time I turned it on to be able to have volume control.

Kerrigan, you should go back to the seller and ask for a refund or replacement, as your player does not meet the terms of a “new” unit, under Ebay’s rules. If the seller won’t help you, you can file a grievance with eBay and get your return/refund that way–this must be done within 45 days of shipment of the item to you. (Be careul about that deadline–eBay is strict with it.) Alternatively, you could seek a warranty replacement from SanDisk, but if it were me, I’d keep that as a second-best solution: I’m not sure how SanDisk Customer Service would respond to an eBay purchase of the item (as vs. a true store purchase, unless you purchased from a store selling on eBay); and even if SanDisk were to provide a replacement player to you, SanDisk could replace your player with a reburb. unit with a limited warranty–personally, I’d prefer a new one.