Can't sync Rhapsody channels to Clip Zip

I’ve been able to sync Rhapsody channels to my Clip Zip successfully until today. I attempted to add some new channels, and Rhapsody wouldn’t copy them … would just say “channel not on device”. So I reformatted the Clip Zip (using the Format option on the Clip Zip’s menu), and now when I attempt to drag a channel from Rhapsody’s “My Channels” to the Clip Zip, it just shows the circle-with-slash-line symbol (what is this symbol called anyways? “ban”?) and won’t copy the channel to the Clip Zip. I’ve tried deauthorizing and reauthorizing the Clip Zip in Rhapsody, and licensing … no go. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Is the Zip player in MTP mode (necessary for DRM-crippled Rhapsody tracks)? Sometimes formatting will change these settings.


Well, I think I found it. Previously I’d also attempted to restart Rhapsody, which didn’t help. This time, in addition to restarting, I also stopped process rhaphlpr.exe after stopping and before restarting Rhapsody. Sigh.

So, was your Rhapsody client the issue then?

I’ve seen this happen on occasion. To expedite the process, I leave the sansa plugged in, and try restarting the Rhapsody client. The music database remains in memory, and the client goes much faster when updating the device. If unsuccessful, rebooting the computer accomplishes much the same thing.

Bob  :wink: