can't sync playlists

The video on here shows how to sync with WMP 12 but I only have version 11.

My playlists don’t work at all with that. Is that normal?

I have 3 different playlists that cover my whole library. How do I get them to sync.

I’m having trouble with the scrolling because I’m new to this but it doesn’t seem like there is anywhere to scroll to. There is only one circle filled in under music and all my music is jumbled together there.

Please help, I have an 8 hour drive in a couple of days :cry:


creating and syncing the playlist in WMP 11 is very similar as it is in WMP12. if i recall correctly there is a limit of 400 songs per playlist so if your are larger than that it could be an issue. to sync all you should need to do is drag the playlist to the sync window and select start sync. if this is what you are doing let us know what error you are getting.

the song sorting issue sounds like your ID3 tags are not filled out. The fuze+ uses ID3 tags to sort the files. if this information is missing all the songs will show under unknown artist. just do a search here for ID3 tag and there will be several threads showing how to update them. 

Hi SanDisk Guru


As my Ipod Touch died 13 months after purchasing and “Adams Fruit” Store want £100 to fix it. (Awwhh!!)

I thought I would indulge my enjoyment of music with a Sansa Fuze+ as the reviews looked promising!!

The FUZE+ sounds great and the device seems to function as expected - EXCEPT for those pesky PLAYLISTS!
(and of course the 68 seconds the device takes to startup can be a pain!)

Firmware Version is 02.37.01P
Songs: “5387” (All ID3 TAGs V2.3)
(Podcasts, Video, Photo’s, Audio Books all “ZERO”)
Lots of spare MB’s of memory.

I have read and re-read all the POSTS in the FORUMS and tried everything. I get “PLAYLIST EMPTY”

Many times I have ‘cycled’ through these actions:
[1] FORMAT internal and microSDHC Card memory
[2a] Change USB mode to MTP
[2b] Also try with USB mode MCS
[3] Carefully follow the instructions here:-

On navigating to the PLAYLISTS, either the device shuts down or I get “PLAYLIST EMPTY”

I have not tried Winamp or Media Monkey, (however, there are plenty of Forum entries on both stating same probs) in USB Mode or MSC but the awesome J RIVER Media Jukebox has lots of
playlist creating options - I have tried them all! - None Show up on the FUZE+

In my humble opinion, the most obvious format of the resulting M3U file in the FUZE+ Playlist Folder would be:

…\Music\Korn\Follow The Leader\14 Freak On A Leash.mp3
…\Music\Slipnot\The Subliminal Verses\04 Duality.mp3

other options from J River MJ Playlist Create are:-

“...\Music\Korn\Follow The Leader\14 Freak On A Leash.mp3”

“…\Korn\Follow The Leader\14 Freak On A Leash.mp3”

“F:\Music\Korn\Follow The Leader\14 Freak On A Leash.mp3”

Any assistance would be most welcome as would New ideas / Fixes / Updates / Options / Shorcuts / Admin Tweaks / Patches PLEASE?

========================== UPDATE 1  ==========================

Out of desperation - I gave in and tried WINAMP - this gave a very different PLAYLIST format:-

Music\After Forever\After Forever\01 Discord.mp3
#EXTINF:231,Don’t Turn Around
Music\Ace Of Base\Happy Nation\01 Don’t Turn Around.mp3

It looked promising, I got excited - but still no joy, only “PLAYLIST EMPTY” on the FUZE+

Maybe I’ll try Media Monkey today!!

========================== UPDATE 2  ==========================


I spent all day experimenting with Syncing FUZE+ using Windows Media Player 12 on a Windows 7 PC to no avail,

HOWEVER -  I DID Install Windows Media Player 11 on a Windows XP PRO PC and ALL “PLAYLISTS.PLA” now WORK <<GREAT>>

after following the instructions outlined in the PDF Users Manual:- PAGE 27 (NOTE Only work in USB Mode = MTP)

Also, the two lots of 16Gb memory (Fuze+ Internal and 16 GB MicroSDHC Card) seems to treat the PLAYLISTS

as if the memory was in one big 32Gb lump.

The only bummer was that the SYNC took nearly 5 hours…but I’m happy now :wink:

Hope this helps somebody!

Regards BlowinaFuze

Just what I wanted to know.Thanks a lot again. I need informations about sync playlists