Cant sync internal clock error

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Just thought I would provide an update in case anyone else has the same problem.  Yes this was in fact a defective clip.  I eventually returned the player and got a new one, which had no problems sync’ing the drm music. 

This fourth Clip finally seems to have everything working - battery does not have extreme power drain when off, drm music syncs, and the headphone plug fits snuggly into the jack (though it still sticks out instead of going completely in as is standard in all my other devices.).  While it has taken awhile to get a working Clip, I definately like this mp3 player.  Hopefully the rash of hardware problems are because this is a new product and will subside as the manufacturing process for ths model matures.  I hope sandisk continues to provide good, and reasonably priced, mp3 players.

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I cannot sync drm .wma music to my clip.  I receive an error that “this devices internal clock is not set correctly”.

-I have checked the privacy settings in WMP and made sure the ‘set clock on devices automatically’ is checked.  (I have also unchecked it and selected yes when prompted by WMP.  I have tried closing and restarting WMP, rebooting system, etc)

-I am using WMP 11 on a Windows XP system

-I have upgraded to the latest firmware (1.01.18A)

-I have formatted the clip via WMP

-I have formatted the clip via the clip menu (settings-format-yes)

-I have tried another computer (my laptop)

-I did not have any drm problems with my first 2 clips (returned because of other problems) and have not changed any settings on my computer since getting the new clip (was able to snyc old clip on day it was returned, then unable to sync new clip when tried the next day).

-I do not have any problems syncing non-DRM music (and have made sure to try non-DRM at same bit rate as my DRM  music)

-I have searched forums and web in general and not found any possible solutions.

Is this yet another defective clip? (to be fair the first one no longer seems to have been defective. I returned it because I thought the headphone jack was defective but after having 3 with the same loose/poor fit it appears to be a design flaw not a defect in that particular clip)  Since there is no way to actually view the clock on the clip i dont know if it is truly not set or if it is another issue.  However, because the two previous clips had no DRM/clock problems I really doubt it is anything on my system.

I actually like the size, ease of use, etc and want to keep the clip, if I can get one without problems.  Any advice on getting the internal clock to set properly?

Thanks in advance

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I had exactly the same problem with my e280 - got an internal clock error. I’ve made sure that all my settings are done properly. Still, I cannot sync a DRM file to my player. I went back to the store and replaced my e280 and still runs into the same problem.

Has anyone else had the same problems and got around in any other ways?

BTW, I’m trying to sync DRM file downloaded from spiralfrog, has anyone had any experience with this website? Could it be the DRM files themselves that are having problems? I can play them from WMP on my computer.

Ok…if you did all of that and it did not help…exchange for a different one…that one might have some internal thing going on that there is no way to debug it.

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I am getting the same error message after using my clip for 3 months of use.

I am getting the same error after using my clip for 3 months it just stopped allowing me to sync and upload files.

Are you using Rhapsody?  I see you have a clock issue with DRM files.

In Rhapsody, with your Sansa connected, hold CTRL + SHIFT down while right clicking on the Sansa, in the Sources pane (upper left) while in the Rhapsody client.

Select Reset Secure Clock, and Bob’s your uncle!

Hope this helps

Bob  :wink:

“a problem has occured in obtaining the device’s secure clock.” i did try your suggestion to reset the clock, reformatted and all yet i still have a problem in transferring tracks from rhapsody during my free to go month. i have the 4gb clip and the latest firmware update .20  i have no problems in transferring music i own to the device just the rhapsody ones. help is greatly appreciated.

I’m having a similar problem with wma files through windows media player 11, Windows XP SP 3 on my Sansa Clip.  I get the error “IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SYNC BECAUSE THE DEVICE’S INTERNAL CLOCK IS NOT SET CORRECTLY.”

This is a new problem as I have done this dozens of times with my Clip and previously with my Sansa Express.  I have tried to manually set the time on the unit as well as address the auto update on the privacy tab.  Could this have something to do with daylight savings time?  I’m not sure why it would stop working.  Should formatting be my next step?