Can't see the player at all

I recenly bought a bunch of 1MB Clips for a project. Most are working OK, but a few have problems. Three Clips do not show up at all in Explorer when they are pluggen in to the USB interface. I have tried both USB modes. The firmware version is 1.18E. Obviously I cannot update the firmware, or format them as I cannot connect to them. Otherwise it seems to work with the misic files it came with.

Any ideas.  I have a less serious problem with two otherplayers, but I will put this in a different post.

You can try to force MSC mode.

Power off the device

Set the Hold switch.  Press and hold the center button

Connect the USB to the device ,  you should see the device power on and connect to the computer.

Try formatting the device from the PC. 

Be sure you have installed WMP 10/11, as the USB drivers for the player are embedded.


Thanks for the reply.

I have done the “force MSC” as you describe. The device still does not show up. I should have made it more clear that this was the reason I cannot format from the PC.

I have done the “force fix” process sucessfully with several other players to update firmware and that worked - but not with these.

Do you think they are faulty?

One thing I noticed with both the “faulty units”. When I set the Hold switch and connect to the PC with the center button depressed - the player turns on OK. However, the “lock” icon briefly comes up on the screen first. This does not happen with “good” units.

Ant other ideas about a remedy?