Can't See Photos on Phone


When I go to ‘Copy Photos From Phone’ and select files, I only see a few photos to select from that are on the iPhone.  About 15 show up and I can copy them over, but as I scroll down to select more it’s just black screen and then some more pics show up sporadically.  I can’t see all my photos.  Tried this on iPad Air 2 also, same problem.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

USB 3.0, 128 GB iXpand, iPhone 6s iOs 10.2.1

try tapping the black area under the dates and see if the pictures appear. I see the same thing when i choose copy files from iphone and when I tap the screen the pictures show up. It did not used to be this way until the last update that went out. I have reported the issue to sandisk support so hopefully it will be fixed soon.  

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Thanks for the tip.  Clicking on the black areas or the dates makes some photos show up, but it’s only about 9 or so at a time.  And then when you scroll down some more, those photos dissapear and you have to press to see more.  Frustrating to say the least.  Glitchy and not a good user experience. 

Do you suggest I stick around for the next update or return this product? 

It just started happening after the latest update and should be an easy fix so it will likely be fixed in the next update. I would stick it out but honestly that is up to you. 

Update!  So, I stuck it out.  Set the ixpand product aside for over a year and this week I noticed there was an update to the ixpand app.  I updated the app, plugged the ixpand drive into my phone (same phone I had issues with last year) and I believe the product is working as intended!  I am able to see all photos/vids on my iphone and transfer them to the ixpand.

Back when I was having problems, I figured it was a compatibility issue with either ios and/or the ixpand app.

I still do not have 100% confidence in this product and I will back up everything, especially after seeing all the posts here regarding lost data!

Good luck to all.


The issue is probably your iphone settings. Go to Settings -> iXpand Drive -> Photos; make sure All Photos is the option selected You probably have Selected Photos as the selected option. Once All Photos is the option selected, retry plugging in your iXpand Drive and selecting Copy files from iPhone; you should now see all of your photos and videos.

I had this same problem after an iPhone upgrade; I updated the version of iXpand Drive and this did not help. It was only after checking the settings for iXpand drive that I discovered the selected option had been changed to Selected Files as a result of my updating to the latest iPhone software release.


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