Can't see images in the photo or video preview

Hi! I just bought the wireless 64gb media drive and loaded a ton of photos and videos onto it. For both sections in the preview, instead of seeing the photo or clip, all I see is just a fancy, colored tile. I have no idea what photo or video I’m about to view until it’s opened. I have both a Samsung Galaxy phone and an Apple iPad. It displays the same on both. How do I get my photos and clips into the preview? Everything was put on via Mac. Thanks… David

How much time did you give it?  It can take quite a while for the WMD to create thumbnails, especially so with a ton of photos/videos.

At least a couple of minutes.   How long do you think the device should be left on with the app open?

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How long? Hard to say.  Definitely more than a couple minutes for a lot of photos.  You can at least check to see if it’s making progress by connecting the device to a computer, then navigating folders to find the thumbnail folder.  

Is this going to happen on every device,  everytime I load up/turn on the device, one time only? 

I would guess that it’s a one-time process for the WMD to make thumbnails for all its content, as these thumbnails are stored on the WMD.  Once they’re all made, they’d be available for use by whatever device connects to the WMD, with no further processing required.

Thanks for all the info!