Can't scroll up or down

Just bought the Sansa Fuze 2gb, downloaded new updates, went to use the menu and realized I can use the wheel to go right or left, but not up or down. Is this a defective device, or am I doing something wrong. Please help! I only have 2 days to return it.  Ron S.

Nevermind- read a previous post and got it now.

This might be a dumb solution or suggestion.Well anyway,

The fuze has a rotatable thumbwheel just like the iPoop Nano.Instead of the touch wheel on the nan the fuze has a wheel that actually rotates.I found this much much more easier to  than the touch wheel.So give it a try.Rotate the wheel clockwise or anti-clockwise to your desires.

Guess i was a little too late! :smileyvery-happy:

Glad you figured it out. 

Welcome to the cool world of fuzing!IM SURE You’ll find this forum very useful!