Can't register e280 v2 on SanDisk website.

I just bought a new e280 v2 at Ritz/Wolf Camera in Chicago for $36.  SanDisk registration won’t enable registration of e280 v2, only v1.  Consequently, I registered it as v1.  Is that going to cause problems with receiving support, especially RMA if something goes wrong?  As well, I found two different numbers undernead the battery.  One starts with e200, the other doesn’t.  I assumed the serial number began with e200.  Is that correct?

The v2 is the one to have. Good for you.

If something goes wrong, just call 1-866-SANDISK and talk to them. It’s much faster than the email contact, and much less prone to confusion.

And despite all the problems you see on this forum, you may never have anything go wrong.  Do the firmware upgrade for the v2 manually, as in the stickies–especially important for the v2 because the first firmware was a rush job.

After that, just make sure the files you put on are properly tagged. Read the FAQ about ID3 tags, get mp3tag, and make sure nothing goes on the unit with bad tags. Also, make sure Writing is done before you disconnect.

That’s all you need to do to avoid upwards of 95% of the problems reported here.  On the other hand, if you download files from shady places and dump them onto the unit without checking them first for good tags…well…

You got a serious bargain for $36. Put in a nice big microSD card and enjoy it.  

Thanks clu31355.

I did update the firmware and am using it quite a bit.  I know I got a very good deal.  Before I got it, I bought my wife a refurbished 2 GB Sansa Clip for $39.  She loves her Clip.  We were recently at the Apple store and looked at the iPods which, to us, appeared to be very overpriced for what they do.  I may buy a Sansa Connect which has WiFi disabled, but can be re-enabled, for $39 refurbished so I can use it for internet radio without running a computer.  I would plug it into my stereo.  I hope someone gets RockBox working on the e200 v2 series soon.

how do you register?