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I’m traveling with my Sansa Clip.  I’ve had no problems at home, but now I am with a laptop that doesn’t have the driver.  I don’t have the mini CD with me.  Windows doesn’t recognize the clip.  My problem is that it won’t charge.  Instead, the Clip shows a “video” with arrows going between a Clip icon and a monitor icon.  In organe is the word “Connected.”  However, the battery icon just sits there empty.  I can’t turn the Clip on whether or not it’s plugged into the laptop.  Plugging the laptop into its power cord doesn’t help.  This means that I can’t interrogate the Clip for any information or change any of its settings.

The Clip shows up in the Device Manager with the notice that I need to reinstall the driver, but it can’t do it automatically.  I’ve tried to download and install a driver. The only thing I can find is SansaUpdaterInstall.exe, but this won’t install because Windows doesn’t recognize it. Do I need this driver in order for the Clip to charge?

Thanks.  Steve 

 Are you connecting it to a USB 2.0 socket? Probably won’t charge on an USB 1.1 socket…

The “connected” logo shows that the Clip is seeing data on the USB bus.

Now for the quirk with charging your device.  If it won’t charge (the battery icon is not solid or showing the “rolling” charge status), the device is having issues communicating with the PC.

So, let’s do two things.  First, let’s charge a bit, by switching modes.  Start with the Clip OFF, and slide the power switch down to the HOLD / LOCK position (orange showing).  Hold the center button down while plugging in to the USB port, until it is recognized.

This forces the device to connect in MSC mode, where the PC sees the Clip as a simple flash drive.

Is it charging now?

Another issue you will encounter is the “wall” between MSC and MTP modes: files transferred in one mode will not be available while in the other.  Microsoft designed it that way, to isolate the protected content (MTP mode) from access.  The Sansa will see files regardless of transfer mode.

If your Clip “freezes”, or suddenly won’t be recognized, you can also try a soft reset of the device, by holding the power switch in the ON position for ten seconds, and releasing.  The device should start up normally after this reset.

Once your Cl;ip is charged, be sure to reset the power switch to the center position, as the HOLD position locks the keys.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hey thanks a lot, I was about to give up on my Sansa!