can't play My Station?

My wife has the connect and she uses it for the myStation feature with Yahoo.

She turned it on tonight and when she selected the “myStation” link she got a message saying you can create a my station on your pc using yahoo music jukebox.

We no longer have muic jukebox and can’t seem to find a way to download it…  Are we screwed? 

This is being discussed in a couple of other threads.  I’m waiting on a response from SanDisk tech support.  Other features of Launchcast Plus appear to work.

OK, so I got the word from Sandisk technical support that the firmware update definitely has disabled “My Station”.  :frowning:

Have this issu been fixed???

Having the same problem here.

The last firmware update intentionally disabled this feature.  It’s not coming back.

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Thanks… long will be missed “My Station”…

I just had a thought about the whole My Station thing: If the firmware update intentionally disabled it, why didn’t they also remove it from the Internet Radio menu? Why leave a disabled feature in the menu when all the other disabled features were removed?

Makes a lot of sense to me too. They should remove it from the Internet Radio menu as well.