*****Can't locate 'new device detected' on 'My Computer' drives.

When plugging in my player to my computer to charge or view/add/delete music I’m unable to do so because I can’t find it when searching ‘My Computer’.

When I plug player in I DO get the ‘ping’ sound you get when the computer recognizes a new device has been plugged in. I DO NOT get the little pop-up window asking what you want the computer to do with the new device. AND I’m also not able to locate the device when I open up ‘My Computer’ as I WAS able to do previously.

I’m using Windows XP. Is there any other location besides ‘My Computer’ I can ‘fish out’ the device?

So while the device WILL charge I can’t manage the files!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

It’s been awhile, but:  can you go to Device Manager (I believe), uninstall the Clip driver there, and then re-attach the Clip?  This will cause Windows to try to set up the connection anew, hopefully fixing what was broken.

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LOL. Yeah, I forgot about that totally myself. That resolved my issue, ty.

Cool!    :)    And good to see that my long-ago days with Windows XP have served well.