Cant install Smc


I recently had to wipe my computer and lost everything. Im in the process of re installing everything except Smc wont work.

Iv downloaded and run sansa updater but when I use it to download smc it gets to 99% then fails saying “cannot find files”

vista 64 bit

sansa fuze + 8gb

any help would be appreciated.

There are two issues there, Vista and 64-bit.  You can clear your Temp folder and try again.  I believe that the SMC wants a 32 bit environment.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Didnt seem to help,

It worked before for like 4 months which is whats bugging me.(since switching from regular fuze which had no issues for years)

Iv emptied my temp folder and switched updater to compatibility mode for xp. Now all its doing it “checking for updates” for 2 hours with no progress in sight

its v 4.263 of smc im trying to download. Is there any way to download it other than with updater?

Figured it out it seems.

Started up updater regularly, checked for updates. Switched it to compatibility and wiped the temp folder then started update.

Its now installed, thanks for pointing me in the right direction