Can't hear the difference between 128 Kb/s and 320!

I know I should be able to, especially considering the rave reviews that this player is getting on the net!

The main problem is that I don’t have great headphones.  I’ve got the stock earbuds and a $30 pair of Sony’s.

I was wondering:  How cheap could I got to get that difference?  I’ve heard from a lot of sources that the Koss KCS75’s are great for the price!  We carry those at my store so I wouldn’t have to spend any money on shipping!

Get the Koss! Today!
My feeling about compression is to go with the highest bitrate that you feel comfortable with the file size. If you are not a serious listener, (enjoy hearing as much detail, clarity, hidelity as posible) go lower. If you want to learn to “hear” the music & train your “ears” to hear even more, go with 320 kbps. Actually, for the latter, abandon MP3s, but practically speaking, your ears (brain) will learn to hear more & more in music if you provide it with high quality material. Having a good ear can be a curse, but,if you can afford good audio equipment, the joy you receive is immesurable. Choose phones, DAP, EQ settings that you enjoy. Don’t settle for cr!p sound & you will be happier. The Clip & KC75s are a step in the rght direction. You will be able to decide for yourself what “sounds good” once you listen for a while, then venture into higher priced canal phones or an amp/full siize headphone combo.
Enjoy the experience & get the KC75s today. BTW the Clip will not drive the KC75s to extreme volume levels, but I think it will be loud enough to enjoy.

Chris-  It is all subjective; some can hear the differences, and some can’t.  You can experiment with your own abilities.  When I first started ripping music, I experimented with different rip rates and was surprised at what I “couldn’t apparently hear.”

If you like in-ear phones, Shures are a great way to start, and has models at under $100 (the old E2Cs can be found at around $60-70).